Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Days in July

We love the month of July and one of the biggest reasons why is performing at many Independence Day celebrations.  One of the brightest highlights of this past July for the younger children was the BIG and amazing fireworks display in Wakefield, MI.  That was a first for them!
We had 10 concerts throughout the month and traveled further west than the family has ever been as we traveled into the grate state of North Dakota.

The reflection of the fireworks on Sunday Lake in Wakefield MI. made this the best 
firework display that we have ever seen.  There were a lot of Ooohh's and Aaaww's!!

Kicking off our July concerts with a Independence day concert.

Bethany thought her Dad needed a new secretary. 
The chick seemed to be doing a thorough job checking out his numbers. 

Riding shotgun can be hard work!

Maintenance on the bus is a constant job for the guys!  Daltin checks oils
 and other maintenance items that make the bus run smoothly.  He is extremely grateful for the patience, coaching and learning opportunities afforded him by Interstate Power Systems in Iron Mountain and perhaps one of the most knowledgeable Prevost bus guys around Eli Barnes.

The boys are always busy doing something.
 This time we caught them checking the fit of the new interior door panel before they glued on the vinyl.  We have noticed Mitchell becoming more one of the big boys and has been asking to help!

Bethany checking out her strength against another farm girl.

Smiles around the dinner table!
One of the greatest gifts we receive from being on the road is new friends! We absolutely loved getting to meet this family and we are already looking forward to seeing them again!!

So thankful for Pastor Paul Redding and his family for opening up their house to us! 
See, Mrs. Redding, pictures are not so bad!

Can you believe that these new buses tried to outrun us?
Never underestimate the power of an old 2 stroke Detroit and a crazy daddy!
Its always fun getting to run with other Prevost's.

 Our friend Lucas was excited to take a ride with us back to his house.  
He said he would love travel in one of these.  We might just have to kidnap him!

Playing a fun game of water Volleyball! And guess who won? BOTH times? 
The girls of course!! 

Two Momma's sharing stories and shucking corn. What a fun way to work. 

It’s always fun to get to jam with other bluegrass musicians. 

Trying to wear out little's at the pool party. 

It has been over five years since we have ate at Chick-Fil-A! 
So we decided it was time we had a "eat mor chick'n" party in the bus!!

Avoid the appearances of evil?
Well apparently no one saw the sign when we parked.  It was not until the sign was lit and we were heading back to the bus after shopping at Walmart.

What a great time at the Kalona Bluegrass Festival! 
We finally got to meet the Bluegrass Blondies who where contemplating adding our two blondies to their group!

Late night jamming could be heard throughout the campground as many people stayed up later then usual enjoying the opportunity to play music with each other. 

Every seat is a good one at this venue.

The boys spending some time with their buddy while also learning more about sound gear.

Playing at the Sunday morning hymn sing was definitely a memorable experience
 for Austin, Daltin and Priscilla.  What an honor to play with such great musicians.

We met Mr. Bob Black who at one time played banjo for Bill Monroe!  He even penned a good read about his time with Mr. Monroe.  We sure hope to spend more time with this great player in the near future.

This picture was taken from our bus as a Amish buggy passed by. Funny thing is that we were watching them go down the road through the window and they were looking right back at the bus. 
Who knows who was intrigued more them or us?

Happy smiles from Mitchell as he continues to grow. 
Oh wait, that’s just because he’s on a hill!  He's not sure if he loves it on the road or home on the farm more.

Along with schooling, music can be heard throughout the bus as it rolls down the highways. 

Trying to be prepared for maple season is a constant at the farm.  We are always cutting and splitting firewood.

Bethany keeping up with her studies. 

Daltin in his happy place. Again.

I don't think Daltin was thrilled to have this picture was taken.
I wonder if it's because of his white legs or shoe less feet??

 Teaching Bethany how to cut a pepper! She definitely is a fast learner!! 

Bethany chipped a adult tooth while laying down on couch while on tour. She was swinging a hotwheels car above her head and accidentally dropped it on her tooth, causing it to break. 
Mom saved the part of the tooth that came off in water and they were able to glue it on.  If this ever happens again they said to put it in milk.  I hope it does not.  So grateful for our awesome dentists! She absolutely loves Dr. Laura Schindelholz.

As July races into a busy August we see the months of summer racing by almost as quickly as seasons of life.  Do you know the Lord?


John 17:3

 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

June Travels

June found us mostly at home catching up on bottling syrup, repairing and renovating our bus and most importantly spitting wood for next years syrup season.  Along with all his other responsibilities Dad arranged a flood relief concert with two other bluegrass bands from the Upper Peninsula to provide relief funds for the victims of the flash floods the swept away large portions of the U.P.  

When we came home from our May tour we found this hen and her chicks 
welcoming us back home.  We did not even know she was broody.

The boys taking a day off to fish with our "adopted grandpa" Mr. Tate.  Of course, if it was up to the guys they would fish 24/7 but they will have to settle for once or twice a year. 


Bethany has the biggest heart and a love for animals.   She wanted to be this little chicks momma and did not want to leave it behind so she thought that it would only be proper to bring her chick with her to help run errands.  It wasn't until we were at the bank when Momma realized why Bethany was singing so loud in the van and wearing her winter coat in summer.  If you look close you'll see her chick hiding in her jacket.

Every spring as the snow melts, our driveway area would get very muddy. In attempt to keep things cleaner, we brought in loads of gravel from our friends at Primrose Acres. 
Here is Daltin again in his happy place on his tractor.

Daltin rocking his farmers tan! 

Enjoying the warm sunshine with the chicks.
Country living at its best. 

Always wanting to improve, Daltin started banjo lessons with Gina Clowes, a professional banjo player for Chris Jones and The Night Drivers. 

Back on the road and while visiting sweet friends of ours, we experienced yet again a calf just hours old.  Bethany absolutely adores all animals and after her little visit with the calf she now says that she wants a "Cow farm."

Although the momma cow didn't take to her calf right away, there was plenty of other girls lining up to nurture and encourage this cute little calf. They even offered it to us but dad said no to cows on the bus and drew the line with chicks in the van.

Priscilla and her friends enjoying the crisp morning air.  Love these girls!

Traveling across the Midwest we get to meet many new people and make them friends. These girls also play music and it was indeed a pleasure to meet them! 

Woke up one morning to find Mitchell cuddling Daltin. 

Part of the remodel and renovation of our bus included rebuilding water damaged panels from leaky marker lights. It seems like there is nothing these boys can't do!

Here Daltin is removing rust by stripping, grinding, sanding and repainting the dash prior to reupholstering.

I walked into the house one day to this scene of Mitchell workin’ on his mando skills.  Not sure about the wardrobe but have to appreciate his effort.

Bethany and Mitchell playing on a piano. While none of us know how to play it, we sure would love to learn how! 

This seems to be a familiar picture! Once again tearing down after a concert.

Saw this oldie at one of our concerts and just had to stop and take a picture beside it. 

Here is a picture of some of the damage done in the Houghton area, about an hour away.  Scenes like this played out all over the "Copper country" prompting Dad to organize a benefit concert for flood victims. The following pictures are from the event.

It’s always way more fun when these two are together. 

The event was a huge success that raised over $14,400.00. 

We enjoyed meeting Chasin’ Steel from Marquette, MI.  Their dobro player could not make it for the concert, so they had Austin join them for a few songs.  Also, we want to say a huge thank you to Keweenaw Brewgrass for lending their musical talents to the event. 
We also want to thank so many others that made this event a huge success. 

Bethany and Mitchell gave us a free concert one afternoon before dinner. 

Bethany was upset at Daltin for taking her pink guitar and stealing her "Bethany Wee-Haw" show.

In between concerts and while at home, another one our responsibility's is keeping our stores stocked with plenty of delicious Paul Family Sugarbush Maple Syrup products.

Judging by the looks of this picture it must have been many days between concerts. Shaves and haircuts must have been in order for this scruffy duo as July with its many concerts was quickly approaching.  

Oh and by the way did you notice no mention of firewood?   Well.....  we took a couple of weeks off to get it done but it seems like there was too much competition for our time and firewood did not get done!  Maybe in July????


"He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his names sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." 
Psalm 23:3-4